Welcome to restaurant Beirut!

A unique experience for you in the heart of Maspalomas. Enjoy traditional lebanese specialties, combining tastes from the east with many vegetarian options.

Authentic food from Lebanon!

Taste new dishes that are traditional for Lebanon or Morocco. Variety of chicken, lamb, fish and vegetarian specialties to enjoy.

Amazing homemade desserts!

Traditional desserts like sweet and tasty Baklava or yogurt with walnuts and honey. Or some clasic like chocolate mousse - we offer you good selection of desserts.

Enjoy smoking a Shisha!

In cocktail and shisha loung “Beirut” we invite you for a relaxing shisha. Choose from one of our many flavours and enjoy with your partner, family and friends. Add a cup of traditional tea for the best experience!

Enjoy our entertainment!

Especialy for our customers we have prepared a dance show with traditional belly dancing and modern motives. Enjoy the show while dining and join the dances after!

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About restaurant "Beirut"

About restaurant Beirut Maspalomas

One of the very few and highest level restaurants in the south of Gran Canaria. “Beirut” was created in the end of 2015. Combining traditional lebanese cuisine, grill specialties and morrocan dishes, “Beirut” is one very different restaurant in Gran Canaria.Except delicious food, specialties, desserts, selected wines and cocktails restaurant and lounge bar “Beirut” offers you the opportunity to enjoy smoking of a traditional shisha with many flavours to pick from. Enjoy the warm Gran Canaria weather with friends, relaxing in our lounges!


The atmosphere at restaurant "Beirut"

About restaurant Beirut Maspalomas

Enjoy the relaxed and classy atmosphere in our spacious hall, decorated with taste after the authentic lebanese traditions. We offer warm and cosy environment, suitable for couples, families, big groups or any kind of parties!
Everything in our saloon is chosen with having our guest’s comfort in mind. Comfortable soft seating, two lounges, service of the highest level and the spirit of Lebanon is what you can find here.
We decorated with cultural artifacts and traditional items from the lebanese culture to create the t for our guests and to show you a piece of a culture that has evolved for thousands of years.

The tastes of restaurant "Beirut"

About restaurant Beirut Maspalomas

Our menu is designed with taste and aims to bring the authentic food experience from the exotic east, combined with great variety of lebanese dishes. If you are looking for a different restaurant in Gran Canaria - restaurant “Beirut” is a must!

After the main courses, at restaurant “Beirut” we offer you traditional homemade desserts like the sweet, crunchy and full of walnuts “Baklava” or classics like chocolate mousse, catalan cream and many more you can pick from our desserts menu.

Relaxing at cocktail and shisha lounge "Beirut"

Relaxing at cocktail and shisha lounge Beirut Maspalomas

We also have a comfortable garden in front if you would prefer staying outside enjoying the warmth of Maspalomas and our restaurant.

Again it is designed with our guest’s comfort in mind and offers soft seating, lounge, stylish decoration and comfort.

In our restaurant and shisha lounge you can enjoy smoking the traditional Shisha with many flavours to pick from. Relax with your friends, family or business partners while having delicious tea and Shisha.

Enterntainment at restaurant "Beirut"

Enterntainment at restaurant Beirut Maspalomas

Each week we have a dancers show for you to enjoy!

Restaurant “Beirut” will show you the magic of the eastern culture. We are featuring an amazing dance show, with authentic bellydances and much more. You will have a lot of fun watching the programme of our dancers and even joining them on the dancefloor to keep the spirit of celebration.

Welcome to restaurant "Beirut", Maspalomas!